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To the Editor of the Trumpet Bray

Dear Editor,

At your insistence, and in response to a complaint by Christopher Porth regarding my review of the Savoyard Light Opera Company's H.M.S. Pinafore, I submitted the correction that you published on page 4 of the current Bray. I am appalled by your editorial statement following the correction: "The Trumpet Bray regrets that the review's wording seemed to imply that the song was transposed for Mr. Porth."

Let's be clear here. The review never "seemed to imply" that at all — it stated it outright: "Christopher Porth, as Captain Corcoran, had a light and pleasant voice, well-suited to the upper parts of his role (though I wonder, then, why 'Fair Moon' was transposed down for him)." (November 2005 Bray, page 4)

Moreover, what is there to regret? It was a simple factual error regarding a single, small detail of a performance. And understandable; it is after all, a long-standing tradition in Pinafore that if the vocal register the actor playing the Captain is too low to be comfortable with "Fair Moon" in its original key of D, then the song gets transposed down to C — and there was no question Porth was singing it in C. I made no personal attack of any kind. If Porth chooses to take offense at what I wrote, that's his issue, and irrelevant to my review or to the Bray.

This is now the third time in the past year that you have sacrificed editorial protocol in order to appease someone. First, Carl Weggel's June 2005 "review" of the MITG&SP Yeomen was replete with uncorrected factual errors, and had already been submitted to the cast and crew of the production for their input — which, as you noted at the time, made it cease to be a review — yet you published it anyway.

Second, following my review of the SLOC Pinafore, you forwarded me a complaint you received about my review — after removing the identity of the sender. What was your purpose in this? I wrote a balanced review. I carefully selected which aspects to include, and I gave credit where I thought credit was due. The complaint had nothing to do with the content of my review, and you never gave any indication that you meant to publish it, so why send me an unsigned attack on my writing style?

Which brings us back to issue at hand. What I wrote in the correction was all that was required; suffixing that little editorial grovel to it demeans me, you, the Bray, and, by association, all of NEGASS.

The Trumpet Bray is the public face of the Society, and therefore it must be above such petty politics, not a forum for them. This means that the Editor must have the integrity to ignore the nonsense and edit the Bray responsibly.


Dafydd Mac an Leigh—
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