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Holiday sing-in

The MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players will host a joint meeting with NEGASS on Saturday, Dec. 9, at 2:00 p.m., in Twenty Chimneys, on the third floor of the MIT Student Center.  We'll sing through a series of finales together.  Our program:

Act 1 finale of Ruddigore
Act 1 finale of Iolanthe
Act 1 finale of Patience

(interval for rest and refreshment)

Act 1 finale of H. M. S. Pinafore
Act 2 finale of Pirates of Penzance

Afterwards, the floor will be open for any other G&S singing.  Mike Bromberg will be our accompanist.  

There are many small solos available, so it's a great time to try out a role if you've never done one before.  Everyone's invited; you don't have to be a NEGASS member to ask for a role, although we'll do our best to get you to join up when you're there.  Our Company Promoter will tell you more about that. 
We recently suffered a sad loss in the death of T. Skyler Wrench, longtime newsletter editor and NEGASS board member, who sang in several MIT shows.  A favorite chorus of his was "Sighing softly to the river", so we'll sing the Pirates finale in his honor.
Ethan Tyndall, of the MIT G&S Players, is in charge of casting the Ruddigore and Patience finales.  Perhaps MITG&SP could post here to let everyone know how their casting is coming.  There are still several roles available in the Iolanthe and H. M. S. Pinafore finales: 

In Iolanthe:
Strephon (taken)
Iolanthe (taken)
Phyllis (taken)
Tolloller (available; tenor role)
Mountararat (taken)
The Lord Chancellor (taken)
The Fairy Queen (available; contralto role)
Leila (available; soprano or mezzo role)
Celia (available; soprano or mezzo role)

In H. M. S. Pinafore: 

Ralph (taken)
Josephine (available; soprano role)
Dick Deadeye (taken)
Cousin Hebe (available; mezzo role)
Little Buttercup (available; contralto role)
Boatswain (available; baritone or bass)

Solos in The Pirates of Penzance will be divided between MITG&SP and NEGASS.  Here are the roles NEGASS still needs to fill:
Ruth (available; contralto role)
Major-General (available; baritone role)

The street address of the MIT Student Center is: 
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA. 
Twenty Chimneys is on the third floor of the building.  We will post signs at the door.  For more directions, role requests, or other questions, leave a comment here or e-mail our program chair, April Grant, at aprilcath (at) yahoo (dot) com.  
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