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Recommendation: PATIENCE at MIT

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Like other G&S purists, I was (*gasp*) horrified when I heard MIT G&S Players' Patience was being set at a modern high school, with the Aesthetes as Goths and the Dragoons as a sports team.

But I just saw it--and by Jupiter, they made it work!! It's entirely faithful to the spirit of the original. The characters are the same (David Daly's Bunthorne is worth the price of admission alone!) and hardly a word has been changed--and it's well acted and directed and VERY funny. Go see it!

Remaining shows are:
Friday, April 21, 8pm
Saturday, April 22, 2pm matinee
Saturday, April 22, 8pm
Sunday, April 23, 2pm matinee

For more details go to
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